Affordable Grubby to Gorgeous Mobile Dog Wash - Dog Groomer, Nail Clipping, Warm Hydrobath

Fully Trained Dog Stylist!

About Us

As a dog groomer who has been professionally trained to look after all your dogs’ Grooming needs. I am fully insured to ensure the safety of your dog inside my mobile salons. As dog lovers tend to be big-hearted people, you’ll find that as a dog Groomer I am always eager to meet new furry friends and make them feel at ease. They will always arrive with a big smile and a welcoming pat for your furry family members. It’s simple – I simply love what I do!

Fully Trained Dog Stylist

Services include:
Warm Wash, Dog Clipping,
Blow Drying, Shampooing,
Demoult, Nail Clipping,
Ear and Teeth Cleaning

Top quality products used for sensitive skin

Summer & Winter Clips
6 Days A Week
Call Fay

Contact us

Wilsonton QLD 4350

0409 588 502

Monday to Sunday  7.00 am. – 20.00 pm.


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